Jeremy Irons and Jim Broadbent among stars at launch of Oscar-winning costume designer's charity

ITV News Meridian's Tony Green went along to meet costume designer John Bright

The antique toy collection of Oscar-winning costume designer John Bright has gone on display at his new arts charity for children in Hastings, East Sussex.

The puppets, dolls, toys and trains have been collected over 25 years but Mr Bright says they often came back bashed so needed a better purpose.

Mr Bright has worked on films including Pirates of the Caribbean and Downton Abbey.

He won an Oscar for his work on A Room with a View.

John Bright's TV and film prop collection has been built up over 25 years. Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Bright Foundation will provide arts experiences for young people and a children's theatre in a converted barn.

John Bright said: "It's a day out for a start from school. So you've got the straightforward education, but of course, there's more to education than just being in school.

"If you give people a wider range to pick out of, that has to be good in a way, because it'll be an inspiration for what they do and it'll clarify their interests."

Famous faces who are friends of Mr Bright, including Jeremy Irons and Jim Broadbent attended the launch of the charity, The Bright Foundation. Many are now ambassadors for the charity.

Jeremy Irons was among the famous faces to attend the charity launch on Thursday, June 10. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Jim Broadbent, Actor, said: "I think it's amazing charity and it's wonderful that John's skill and expertise and talent is going to carry on being enjoyed by people. It's a wonderful thing."

Jeremy Irons, Actor, said: "Having a theatre, having a museum, will be extraordinary for this area and open up opportunities for a lot of children who might not have that advantage otherwise."

Sinéad Cusack, Actor, said:" It's an absolute delight to be here. I've known John for far too long, you know, something in the region of 50 years.

"He's dressed me, provided props for me and for many others.

"I just think this is the most remarkable achievement of maybe of his career, because he's been collecting forever and ever, collecting props, collecting toys, and now he's giving access to all that wonder and that, you know, fun."

The collection includes this carousel. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Antiques roadshow expert Hilary Kay says the collection has an impressive educational value.

Hilary said: "I've walked in and my first impressions were, I mean, it's just staggering, really.

"The way that it's laid out when children arrive, they will realise that kids have always been kids and they'll be things here that they'll say, 'Gosh, I play with things a bit like that, so maybe they're a bit like me?'"

CEO of The Bright Foundation, Polly Risbridger said: "The arts are just so essential for helping young people discover who they are, build their confidence, learn to express themselves.

"So this is all about giving young people and children the chance to tap into their imaginations, to dream a bit."

The first school visits to the charity begin in two weeks time.