Business owner says families now view children's centres as luxury as cost of living soars

  • ITV News Meridian's reporter Sarah Saunders spoke to co-owner Jade Harris who says the cost of living is affecting her business

The owner of a children's centre in Kent says her business is suffering because families can no longer afford to travel there.

As people struggle with the cost of living, fewer customers have been visiting children's role-play business Little Seaside Town in Ramsgate.

Co-owner Jade Harris said: "In the last couple of months we've really just seen it teeter off.

"Our customers are telling us the same things. We're considered a luxury day out.

"It's not only the cost of coming here, but also the cost of travelling here."

  • Jade Harris, co-owner of Little Seaside Town, says people now consider child centres a "luxury"

It comes as Boris Johnson warns the cost of fuel is set to "remain high for a while to come" as the average cost of filling a typical family car passed the £100 mark for the first time.

In a speech in Blackpool, Boris Johnson acknowledged the squeeze on household finances but insisted the country was better-placed than in previous economic crises.

But as some food, petrol and energy prices continue to rise, budgeting has become a balancing act for many.

Jade Harris said: "People are so concerned about meeting bills, it's just one of those things that can be cut. We're also finding that our bills have increased."

She added: "The rise in the cost of running our business is also really really worrying.

"We're hoping that maybe in the next couple of months things will kind of pick up and change.

"But as a new business you just don't really know where you stand and what will happen with that."