'I wonder how you would look now?' Falklands widow remembers young husband 40 years later

Christine and David on their wedding day

A woman whose husband was killed in the Falklands conflict has recalled how she foresaw his death.

Christine Tinker's husband David died at the age of 25 on board the destroyer HMS Glamorgan.

It was June 12, 1982, two days before the war ended, but Christine, talking this week as the nation marks 40 years since the end of the conflict, said she had foreseen it.

"I had been expecting it," she told ITV News Meridian from her home near the Welsh borders.

David Tinker was a Lieutenant on HMS Glamorgan

"Part way through the conflict I had bought a new dress and I was trying it on in front of the mirror.

"And I just suddenly looked at my reflection and said 'Dave is never going to see me in this dress'.

"And I don't know what caused that or why I thought that. You don't want to believe it but of course it's true."

David is remembered on a memorial in the Falkland Islands

David was a Lieutenant on HMS Glamorgan and was about to leave for a job on shore when Argentina invaded the Falklands and the ship instead sailed to the South Atlantic to help protect the flagship HMS Hermes.

Christine, then a captain in the Women's Royal Army Corp, said:"I was actually all in favour of us going to war. I felt 'How dare the Argentinians just walk in and take over?'

"He felt that it shouldn't be happening. He would always do his duty, of course. He also thought because it takes them so long to get there it would all be sorted by the time they were arriving."

WATCH: Derek Johnson from ITV News Meridian spoke to Christine

David's operational job was officer on the flight deck, which is where he was on 12 June 1982 when it was hit by an Exocet missile, killing 14 crew members and wounding more.

HMS Glamorgan sailed for home on 21 June, and re-entered Portsmouth on 10 July 1982 after 104 days at sea.

Christine said: "I often wonder what he would be doing. I think he would have tried to be a writer.

"I look at the last photo of him that I have got. We were both 25. And I look at it and think 'I wonder how you would look now?' Obviously I have changed but he stays the same."