'Kiss and fly' at Southampton airport goes up to £4 for 20 minutes

Southampton airport is increasing drop-off fees

People dropping off passengers at Southampton Airport will have to pay £4 for 20 minutes from today - up from the previous price of £2.

Drivers with electric cars will be able to use the facility free of charge for the first 20 minutes if they register online.

The airport says it needs to start its recovery process after the downturn in aviation due to the pandemic saw passenger numbers reduced by more than 90 per cent at times.

Steve Szalay, Operations Director, said: "It will take years for the airport to return to pre-covid levels.

"The impact saw key routes lost and passenger numbers down by more than 90 per cent at times.

"Our airport is a critical piece of national infrastructure which demands continual investment, and we continue to do this at Southampton Airport investing in our long-term sustainability strategy and by introducing this electric vehicle registered scheme to provide 20-minute free access to our express drop off is the first of many measures we look to introduce.

"It's imperative we start what will be a long recovery process at Southampton Airport to restore the regional connectivity that the region relies on so heavily."

The airport said the pricing structure hasn't been revised at Southampton since 2018.

It is also making changes for blue badge holders, who will be entitled to a free 30-minute period in the blue badge spaces within the short stay car park, which are the closest to the terminal.