Inflatable swimming pool sales surge as Brits bask in mediterranean temperatures

Spaniel 'Honey' enjoying her paddling pool. Credit: Simon Higgins

Sales of inflatable swimming pools have surged in the UK as sun-starved Brits bask in mediterranean temperatures.

Retailers have seen an "unheard of" spike in sales, which have increased by over 1400% in 'recent days'.

The figures, released by marketplace OnBuy, also show sales of other warm weather items such as fans have increased by 230%.

Liam Tickner, Garden and Outdoor Living Category Manager at OnBuy, said:

“We don’t often see temperatures surpass 30C, so when the opportunity arises, Brits rush to the shops in preparation.

 “Sales of summer items across the board have increased, but inflatable swimming and paddling pools, in particular, have been flying off the shelves in record numbers this week.

 “An eye-popping increase of 1443% is unheard of, but that’s what we have witnessed in recent days.”

However, experts – some whom attribute the heat to climate change – have warned people of the dangers surrounding the hot weather.

Dr Radhika Khosla of the University of Oxford, said: “The health implications of rising temperatures in the UK are serious.

“Important physiological changes occur in response to high temperatures including changes in our circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems.

“When these adaptive measures are not enough, the risk of cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular problems increases among older adults, young children, people with chronic conditions, athletes and outdoor workers.

“Severe heat disrupts sleep, impairs cognitive performance and is associated with increased risk of suicide or hospital admission for mental illness.”

Britain’s highest recorded June UK temperature was 35.6C at Southampton Mayflower Park in June 1976.

Before Wednesday, this year’s hottest day so far was the 27.5C set in mid-May at Heathrow.