Test Valley could introduce kerbside glass, plastics and food waste collections

Recycling moves along a conveyor belt. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Test Valley could introduce kerbside glass, plastics and food waste collections.

A proposal plans to see items like leftover food, glass, pots, tubs and trays recycled at the kerbside.

Councillors at Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) will meet on 22 June to consider the plans which would see new blue bins and food waste caddies introduced.

Recommendations could see one, two and three weekly waste collections. It could involve collecting blue bins in week one, brown bins in week two and black bins in week three.

Food waste would be collected every week, as well as garden waste for those signed up to the scheme.

The council aims to bring in the changes in 2024.

Leader of the council, Councillor Phil North, said: "This will be incredibly positive news for residents and the environment alike and it's something I have campaigned for ever since I became leader of the council.

"It will make it far easier for people to recycle and massively reduce the amount of rubbish households currently put in their black bins, which will in turn drive up recycling rates."

He added: "We know that some people might be concerned about having their non-recyclables collected every third week - and as someone who has a dog and a young family, I absolutely get that.

"But we will be working to support people through the change, and with the new blue bin and food waste caddy there will be a lot less in people's black bins.

"Ultimately, it is really important that our focus remains on the environment and this really is the very best way to push up recycling rates as high as they can possibly go."