The Last Word: June 2022

ITV News Meridian's Political Correspondent Phil Hornby hosts June's edition of The Last Word

Not a single migrant was on board the plane due to take off for Rwanda from the Wiltshire airstrip this week. 

Opposition from Labour, the Church, campaigners, and even - apparently - Prince Charles,. had tested the Government's resolve. But in the end, it was the  European Court of Human Rights that grounded the flight. 

The boat people crossing to Kent and Sussex continued to come; and this week's warm, calm weather, has kept Border Force cutters busy in the Channel.

The economy continues to shrink, and the cost of living continues to rise.  Will more Government help be needed this autumn as the fuel bills drop onto the doormat?  Many think so.

The news for those travelling by train is not much better. Next week's strike could be grim - and prolonged. Rail companies in the south and south east are urging people not to travel if possible.

And the Prime Minister:  as another of his team quits, is Boris Johnson out of the woods. Voters in Henley in Oxfordshire and Faversham in Kent are divided.

To discuss this:

  • Hazel Thorpe, a Lib Dem on Worthing Council.

  • Kelly Tolhurst MP, the Rochester & Strood Conservatives.

  • Alan Whitehead, Southampton Test's Labour MP.