'Fantastic Mr. Fox' swipes bourbon biscuits from 'unsuspecting picnickers' at Kent country park

Tina believes the fox stole the biscuits from a picnic. Credit: Tina Shaw

A sly fox has been captured on camera carrying bourbon biscuits, believed to have been stolen from a picnic.

Amateur photographer, Tina Shaw, 60, caught the fox red-handed at Riverside Country Park in Rainham, Kent at around 7:30pm on Saturday, June 11.

Tina said to her husband: "It's got something in its mouth, they're bourbon biscuits!"

Her husband replied: "Don't be silly!"

Tina said: "It froze and then suddenly ran away, bolted.

"It was almost like a toddler being caught with something they shouldn't have.

The fox froze when it was seen, then bolted. Credit: Tina Shaw

"I have no idea where it got them from.

"There are picnic places down there, and it was a hot day, so maybe it stole them from a picnic."

Tina, who works at a Pets at Home store, said she's had a great reaction from colleagues.

She said: "I've had lots of positive reaction, everybody loves it.

"Including my boss who is bourbon mad!"

The fox was also snapped with a rabbit. Credit: Tina Shaw

The Woodland Trust says a fox's diet is made up of meat protein, and advises that the public should feed foxes cooked or raw meet or tinned dog food.

It added that they are also fond of peanuts, fruit and cheese.

Animal charity the RSPCA, also has advice on fox welfare, including how to help foxes in your area and what to do if you find a fox in need of help.