Robber who threatened Amazon UK delivery driver before stealing van jailed

  • Video from Kent Police shows the moment police arrested Ronnie Mead

A man who threatened an Amazon delivery driver before stealing his van, in the hope of keeping the parcels inside, has been jailed for three years.

Ronnie Mead, 33, was caught by police officers through the van's tracking device, after driving across Canterbury, Kent.

He was found surrounded by half-opened parcels, just 20 minutes after he snatched the keys.

When he was arrested in April, Mead claimed he had stumbled upon the parcels, despite possessing the wallet belonging to the delivery driver.

The driver had been making a delivery in Chaucer Road when he was approached by Mead, who grabbed him by his top while shouting and swearing.

Mead then stole the keys, climbed into the van and drove off.

Ronnie Mead, of Hunton Gardens, pleaded guilty to robbery, taking a motor vehicle without consent and possession of cannabis, and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday, June 14.

Chief Inspector Mark Hedges, District Commander for Canterbury, said: "Ronnie Mead is an opportunistic criminal who thinks nothing of taking things that do not belong to him.

"Fortunately for us he did not consider that the van he took would have a tracking device on it and lead us right to him.

"Whilst he initially protested his innocence, even he could see how it looked when we found him just yards from the van and surrounded by packages.

"He was therefore left with little choice but to admit his crimes and will now serve a considerable length of time behind bars as a result."