When to spot the Red Arrows going to Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022

The Red Arrows landed in Farnborough this morning (Thursday June 23) ready to take part in the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

They took off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire this morning at 9.50am and landed at Farnborough at about 10.15am, to the excitement of onlookers.

The flying aces will set off from Farnborough at 12.19pm to arrive at Goodwood at 12.30pm.

On Friday they return for an afternoon run, taking to the skies at 4.15pm, and on Sunday they'll be soaring over the Festival at 12.40pm.

Thursday's schedule for the Red Arrows:

Farnborough - 12.19pm

Elstead - 12.21pm

Cranleigh - 12.22pm

Billingshurst - 12.24p

Petersfield - 12.27pm

Havant - 12.28pm

Funtington - 12.29pm

Goodwood (display) - 12.30pm

Arundel - 12.52pm

Farnborough - 12.54pm

Friday morning's schedule:

Farnborough - 12.47pm

South west of Elstead - 12.49pm

East of Petworth - 12.51pm

North west of Battle - 12.57pm

North West of Northiam 12.58pm

East of Benenden - 12.59pm

Headcorn - 1pm

North of Harnetsham - 1.22pm

North East of Westerham - 1.23pm

Dorking - 1.26pm

East of Frimley - 1.29pm

Farnborough - 1.30pm

Friday afternoon:

Farnborough 4.04pm

South of Elstead - 4.06pm

North of Cranleigh - 4.07pm

North west of Billinghurst - 4.08pm

North west of Petersfield 4.12pm

Havant - 4.13pm

Funtington - 4.14pm

Goodwood - 4.15pm

North of Arundel - 4.37pm

Farnborough - 4.39pm

Sunday's schedule:

Bournemouth - 12.31pm

St Catherine's Point - 12.36pm

Emsworth 12.38pm

Goodwood - 12.40pm

Arundel - 1.02pm

Littlehampton - 1.05pm

Lymington - 1.08pm

Bournemouth - 1.11pm

They will leave Bournemouth again at 4.18pm to head to Weston Super Mare, returning to Bournemouth at 5.04pm, and leave Bournemouth again at 7.10pm to head to RAF Scampton, passing through Oxford and Banbury on the way.

If you aren’t at Goodwood this weekend you can watch the Festival's live stream.