Medway school children brighten up Rainham Recreation Ground to celebrate Queen's Platinum Jubilee

School children across Medway have been doing their bit to brighten up Rainham Recreation Ground.

A mural has been painted onto the changing block to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The Shadowplay scenes were created by students through a series of workshops with Year 7 Leigh Academy, Rainham, and Year 9 at The Howard School Rainham.

Year 4 students at Riverside Primary Rainham also added their ideas to the design.

A Year 9 Howard School student said: "The experience was great, we created props to build our scene and had free will to create whatever we wanted as long as it is linked to the subject.

"My Expectation was high and it was exceeded, it was great fun and the people running the workshop were very helpful in creating our image. It was a fun, creative afternoon and left me very pleased with what we made in the short amount of time we had."

Victoria Swanston, Art Teacher, Leigh Academy, added: "It was great to see the students' creativity come alive outside of the classroom and the energy and enthusiasm that they exuded during the workshop."