Self-taught photographer captures stunning time lapse of South East's skies

  • ITV News Meridian's Joe Coshan met with Chris Cork to find out more about his photography

A budding photographer from Maidstone, who taught himself using online tutorials, has captured the South East's skies.

Chris Cork has spent more than 50 hours creating time-lapse videos of the beautiful movements of the night sky in Kent and Sussex.

The photos capture ordinary locations across the region but makes them look spectacular, as you can see how the landscape changes.

Chris Cork said: "It's always nice to tune into the sound of nature. I do it at night time and in the day as well.

"Sometimes you've just got to pause and hear the surrounding birds chirping, as we're always so busy in our minds and they're so active. It's probably another reason why I like photography, as it calms my active mind."

Chris takes hundreds of photos and renders them from his home studio in Maidstone.

For every 4 seconds of movement, he said he needs around half an hour's worth of shots.

The starry night sky in Dungeness Credit: Chris Cork

This all started as a hobby for Chris nearly ten years ago, when he noticed similar videos online and decided to teach himself.

Then when the pandemic hit and his printing business stalled, his passion quickly became his therapy, even if it means lots of late nights.

Chris said: "I've got two small children and I've got commitments to get them to school. It's not rare for me to get in at 4am and be back up at 8am to take them to school and then come back for a power nap before getting on with work."

"I live in Maidstone so it's what works best for me at the moment. I'd like to venture out a bit further to Wales and Scotland."

A duty to his family may keep Chris capturing the South East, but if it gives us all an opportunity to see more scenes like this, that can only be a good thing.