Traffic reducing bollards are burnt to the ground in suspected Oxford arson attack

The bollard in Barnet Street has melted into the tarmac

Two traffic reducing bollards have been burnt to the ground in suspected arson attacks in Oxford.

The bollards - part of the city's new controversial Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes - melted after catching fire.

The incidents happened on Barnet Street and Howard Street, between Iffley Road and Cowley Road.

The Barnet Street bollard and Low Traffic Neighbourhood planter

The attack is the latest in a string of incidents involving the LTNs since they were installed by Oxfordshire County Council on May 20 this year.

Several bollards and planters were vandalised just hours after their installation and last month the council admitted it had spent over £12,000 maintaining the project. 

On Twitter, county councillor Damian Haywood said: “Concerning development overnight. Bollards have destroyed by fire. This goes beyond vandalism to arson, the consequences of which are evidently more serious."

A council spokesperson said today: “We are aware of the two incidents in Howard Street and Barnet Street. We are making arrangements to make the sites safe and reinstate the damaged bollards.

“Should this prove to be vandalism then we would like to stress that such behaviour is a criminal offence and we take this extremely seriously.

"The right way to make your voice heard is to take part in our public consultation, at”

A bollard in Howard Street was also melted by fire