Keepers at Port Lympne Reserve yet to discover baby monkey's gender

  • Keepers said the baby's mum, Dora, is protective of the family.

The public are being invited to see a new baby monkey in a zoo in Kent.

The De Brazza monkey, which was born on 29 May, is the 19th of its kind to arrive at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve.

The young primate will join its parents Dora and Pablo and siblings Bumba, Boda and Bopi.

The park's team have yet to figure out the gender of the new baby, as its mum has been keeping it close.

Simon Jeffery, Animal Director, said: "This delightful new baby was off mum and climbing the enclosure mesh at only six days old. Its family share the open-top enclosure with our colobus monkeys, and the baby can often be seen at the front, stealing the colobus’ food.

"Dora is an experienced Mum; this is her fourth baby now. She is very protective with them at this age and the team are always mindful to give her the space to bond. However, she’s very settled and is already showing off the baby to the neighbours.

"The primate team have been enjoying the public’s delighted reactions to spotting the adventurous newborn."