Nappies and paddling pool left behind at Bournemouth beach sparks plea to take litter home

Watch: ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee reports on plastic rubbish left scattered across the beach in Bournemouth

Nappies, plastic bags, cans, bottles and even a paddling pool were left at Bournemouth beach over the weekend, prompting a plea for people not to trash the south's coast.

Environmental campaigner Oly Rush was walking along the beach near Bournemouth Pier and was 'shocked and angry' at the amount of rubbish that was left by visitors.

Oly said: "I think it goes back to education. Education is really important to reconnect people with nature. People come to these beaches from the cities and places so far from nature and these beautiful beaches.

"They are perhaps disconnected from the issue and the damage it causes to the environment and indeed the animals."

Many are expected to head to the coast this weekend, with temperatures hitting the high twenties.

Among the litter left behind was nappies, towels and a paddling pool. Credit: Oly Rush

Mr Rush's plea is echoed by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

Bournemouth's Seafront Operations Manager, Andrew Brown, said: "The most recent research we've had access to as part of our 'leave only footprints' work on the seafront here says positive messaging and engagement gains better results." "We are the victim of our own success. We've got more people visiting the seafront and it's still a tiny proportion of people who litter but the total number of people is bigger. The impact looks big doesn't it."

Oly Rush has plans to turn his 'Project Planet' group of volunteer beach cleaners into a charity. He then hopes to get his message into schools, so the next generation will have a greater understanding of the damage caused by this kind of pollution.