School closures: Students in South East sent home due to extreme heat

The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester has relaxed the rules around school uniform after deciding to remain open during the heatwave Credit: Good Morning Britain

More than 50 schools across Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire have closed or will shut early because of the extreme heat, despite the government urging teachers to keep them open on Monday (18/07).

People have been advised to stay indoors, stay cool and to keep hydrated, with a heatwaves researcher at Reading University warning people not to "underestimate" the dangers of the hot weather as "consequences can be fatal".

The Met Office has issued a red warning for extreme heat, which means there is a risk to life. It is the first time temperatures of 40°C has been forecast in the UK.

Some schools in the South East have taken the decision to either fully or partially close because of the hot weather. Two schools in West Berkshire and several in Aylesbury are among them.

Despite this, many students in the region will continue their education virtually at home.

Which schools in the south are among those that have closed due to the extreme weather?

  • Petersfield School

  • Costello School

  • Bohunt School

  • Barley Hill Primary School

  • Bishopswood School

  • John Hampden Primary School

  • Lord Williams's School

  • Northern House Academy

  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Thame

  • St Nicholas CofE Primary School, East Challow

  • Tetsworth Primary School

  • The Iffley Academy

  • Wantage Church of England Primary School

The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester has decided to remain open during the heatwave but has relaxed the rules around school uniform and are offering students drinks throughout the day.

The school is the closest one the county hospital. The building was built nearly 30 years ago so there isn't any air conditioning available but extra fans have been brought in and teachers are making sure the space is well ventilated.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Headteacher, Gary Spracklen said he felt it was "appropriate" to open because parents rely on the school as a key provision for childcare, so that core services can run.

He said: "We're encouraging pupils to wear lightly coloured, loose fitting clothes and to bring their sun hats and glasses.

"We'll be making smoothies and making sure we keep the water bottles topped up and we'll be reducing things like physical activity, so there will be no PE lessons today."

  • Gary Spracklen, Headteacher, Prince of Wales School [As seen on ITV's Good Morning Britain]