Reggie the Shar-pei sees again after being rescued by the RSPCA

Reggie was handed over to the RSPCA in May Credit: RSPCA

An 18-month-old Shar-pei can see again after being rescued by the RSPCA.

Reggie, who was living in unsuitable conditions, was signed over to the charity to be cared for in May. 

When he arrived at the Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead branch in Patcham, he was bald with really sore skin on his back and infected eyes.

His vision was also poor and he needed constant eye treatment.

Reggie is recovering after his face lift Credit: RSPCA

Reggie had surgery two weeks ago to reduce the excess skin covering his face and is already recovered so can be re-homed.

Deputy head of dogs Lauren Pearce said: “He is such a sweetheart, so so friendly and loves everyone.

"We’d like him to live in an adult only home as he isn’t used to children and it would be great if he could live with more experienced owners.

“Sadly Reggie’s breed is prone to having problems due to their extra skin but with the treatment he’s had, we hope that this will help prevent further skin problems in the future. Reggie is now fully recovered from his surgery and doesn’t need any medication.

“He’s a young dog so we hope the right person comes forward so he can get stuck into enjoying his new life.”

Reggie is now ready to be re-homed Credit: RSPCA

Reggie’s surgery cost almost £2,000, a special rate given to the RSPCA by a local surgery.

This was funded by the Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead branch.

To find out more about their work, you can visit their website.