DJ Fatboy Slim headlining party on Brighton beach tonight - 20 years after his iconic concert there

  • Andy Dickenson has been catching up with Norman Cook - who lives in Hove - ahead of his set

DJ Fatboy Slim is headlining a huge party on Brighton Beach tonight - 20 years after his iconic concert there in 2002.

Hundreds of thousands of people descended on the seafront for that event and it was described as the "biggest public gathering ever seen in Sussex".

The concert in 2002 Credit: ITV News Meridian

Police have reminded people though that tonight's event is for ticket holders only.

DJ Fatboy Slim caught up with Andy Dickenson ahead of his set looking back to 2002.

"The kind of historical nature of it I think at the time we didn't realise", he said.

"But for me it's more a celebration of my relationship with the city.

"It's a celebration of how proud I am of Brighton and hoping that they're proud of me and being allowed to do it. It's just a big celebration of the city that I live in."

Fatboy Slim in 2002 Credit: ITV News Meridian

He last played in the city in November in a free concert for emergency workers and the NHS.

Fans also got a taster of the show last night as Fatboy Slim took to the stage sporting his Brighton and Hove Albion kit.