Driver jailed after dragging police officer along road near Southampton

The officer pulled the keys out of the ignition. He suffered minor injuries to his arm. Credit: Hampshire Constabulary

A driver from Hampshire has been jailed for 12 months after dragging a police officer along the road in his car.

Sonny Horgan, aged 21, of Orchard Way in Dibden Purlieu was stopped by officers on Atheling Road, Hythe, at 4.52am on Sunday 18 April last year after he was seen acting suspiciously in a vehicle earlier that day.

When stopped, the officers could smell cannabis and asked Horgan to take the keys out of the ignition.

He then drove away dragging the officer, who was caught on the door, along the road for several metres.

The officer then pulled the keys out of the ignition. He suffered minor injuries to his arm.

When Horgan left the vehicle he assaulted another officer.

He was detained after a short pursuit on foot.

He pleaded guilty at Southampton Crown Court to driving a motor vehicle dangerously, assault by beating of an emergency worker, failing to co-operate with a preliminary breath test, failing to provide specimen for analysis and possession of a Class B drug.

Police Staff Investigator, Jordan Clayton, said: “We conducted a thorough investigation into this incident, resulting in us being able to provide a solid, evidenced-based case through the courts.

"Justice has now been served and Sonny Horgan will remain in prison for a lengthy time for the crimes that he has committed.

“Assaults on police will not be tolerated. Police officers and staff perform a difficult and often dangerous role, but we do not view assaults as simply being part of the job.

“Officers and staff come into contact with people who are sometimes going through the worst experience of their lives, but this doesn’t give people the right to ever verbally or physically abuse them."