Donation centre opens to help families left homeless after Reading fire tore through homes

The council have received so many supplies they are no longer accepting further donations Credit: ITV News Meridian

A donation centre has opened in Reading to help families left homeless after a fire ripped through a several terraced houses in Calcot last week.

Clothes, food, toiletries and children's toys are among the items that have been dropped off at the Calcot Centre.

Councillor Joanne Stewart from West Berkshire District Council says they have been "inundated with donations" with people turning up since Friday after hearing news of the fire.

She said: "It's amazing and we're overwhelmed by how generous people are. We've actually closed donations at the moment because we're waiting to see what the families need."

Councillor Stewart added: "I can't even begin to think what these families have gone through, so terrifying.

"Not knowing what's going to happen in the longer term must be so worrying for them and that's why we want to do whatever we can to support them."

Resident Sharon told ITV Meridian she is "devastated" and "can't believe it happened" explaining when she hears any little noise she is "straight away looking" around.

The council is liaising with hjousing association One Housing Group to arrange appointments so affected families can pick up donations from the Calcot Centre.

Councillor Stewart says she hopes the families will be able to come into the centre and select what they need themselves.

A full investigation is ongoing looking into what caused the fire and how it spread so quickly.

A 17 year old boy - arrested on suspicion of arson - has been released under investigation.