Turtles and tortoises help scientists discover more about ageing and evolution at Paultons Park

  • Credit: Paultons Park

Turtles and tortoises at Paultons Park have helped scientists to discover more about ageing and evolution.

Research gathered by Paultons Park, zoos around the world, the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance and the University of Southern Denmark show that certain animal species, such as turtles and tortoises, may age slower when their living conditions improve.

It suggests that turtles and tortoises can defy common evolutionary theories, unlike humans.

Samuel Hunt, Zoo Operations Manager at Paultons Park, said: “As part of our commitment to conservation and animal welfare, our livestock team records data and insights on the animals that call Paultons Park home.

"We are proud that the information we have collected on our turtles and tortoises has contributed to this study, helping researchers better understand ageing in these species.

“Our animal attractions are a very important part of our offering at Paultons, and we employ over 12 livestock managers who work with the hundreds of animals we care for."

Paultons Park has a collection of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

It runs breeding programmes and has successfully bred threatened species like the Humboldt penguin.