Driver on A34 caught with astonishing amount of alcohol weighing almost 1,000kg

Thames Valley Police officers stopped the vehicle on the A34 and took it to be weighed. Credit: TVP Roads Policing

Thames Valley Police has pulled over a driver and discovered the van was carrying an astonishing amount of alcohol.

They've received a fine after officers found the vehicle be almost 1,000kg overweight, with crates of beer, cans and mixers.

Thames Valley Police officers said they stopped the vehicle on the A34 on Friday morning before taking it to the scales.

The 970kg haul was then seized and the driver of the vehicle fined £600.

The items removed to make the van within the weight limit Credit: TVP Roads Policing

Overloading a van, to breach its maximum load, is illegal, and according to the RAC eight in ten vans are stopped because they're overweight.

Thames Valley Police posted on social media and reminded drivers that piling a vehicle with a heavy load is not worth the risk,

"This vehicle was stopped by #OXONRPASHIFT on the A34.

"Taken to the weigh bridge and found to be 970kg over weight. Driver is now £600 lighter in fines.

"The second image shows how much had to be removed to be within the weight limit.#itsnotworththerisk#P5240#p6342"