Sussex Police urge people to be vigilant at first Brighton Pride since Covid-19 pandemic

Tap to watch a video report by ITV News Meridian's Andy Dickenson on preparation for Brighton Pride's 30th anniversary celebration

Sussex Police is urging people to be vigilant, responsible and to report anything they see that might be suspicious as Brighton Pride returns for the first time since the pandemic.

Armed and patrol uniform and plain-clothed officers, drone operatives and specialist teams searching for drugs will be out and about across the city as well as those engaging with the community.

Coastguard crews are on standby too to keep people safe on the beach with warm weather forecast all weekend.

Chief Superintendent Jerry Westerman said, "Visibility is very much part of our plan by to engage with with people, but also to deter any any crime or any sort of terrorist attack."

"There will be officers that are visible around the parade and around the actual events.

"We do ask people to play their part as well. And if they can be vigilant and report any anything suspicious to a police officer or to a steward, that will really, really help.

"We're looking at the crowd issues and crowd movements and just generally keeping everybody safe from all those variety of bad things that could happen. But we don't expect anything to happen. But if they do, we're ready."

300,000 people are expected to turn out over the weekend for the Pride celebrations which include a colourful and vibrant parade which starts at Hove Lawns and ends at Preston Park.

There will then be an afternoon and evening of famous acts with pop superstar Christina Aguilera headlining the event.

The village party is also taking place on St James's Street with several roads closed in the area all weekend.

Final preparations are underway to get the floats pride ready Credit: ITV News Meridian

Preparations for the event are underway with floats getting the finishing touches at the Amex stadium.

Decorator Alice Hunt said,

"It would be easy for everyone to go disco balls, glittery fabric. You've got to come up with ways to make them all unique.

"I think what Pride has done really well is try to get people to focus on what their messages and the people that are on their flow and what they want to say.

"It's taken the whole pride organisation a lot of work to get here and to see everyone just enjoy it tomorrow is the thing I'm most excited about.