Tesco store sparks online debate by selling tubs of Christmas chocolate in the middle of summer

tesco chocolate
The tubs of chocolate spotted in a Tesco store Credit:

Hold onto your sunglasses and sun hats...there are just a mere 142 days to go until Christmas.

While most of us will be dreaming of sipping on Piña colada's beside a beach or diving into a nice cool swimming pool during the summer season, one supermarket in Sussex has really put the year into perspective.

Tesco's in Hove has been spotted selling dozens of Christmas chocolate selection tubs.

The containers of Celebrations and Miniature Heroes towered high at the front of the store, placed next to a stand selling camping gear...a reminder that winter is coming.

The shopper who noticed the chocolates posted on Facebook,

"What’s the first sign of Christmas in the shops? Sweet tubs!! 4th of August, Big Tesco, Hove."

The tubs of Christmas chocolate have arrived at Tesco's in Hove Credit:

Commenting on the post, some people weren't feeling so festive about the chocolate tubs landing in the shop,

"They'll be out of date by Christmas", said one user whilst another person remarked, "tree time lol".

"By Christmas, we're all sick of it! Never used to be like this when I was growing up!" responded another and one user joked "stock up now".

With temperatures set to rise again over the coming week, anyone deciding to get ahead of the Christmas game should probably make space in the fridge.