Hedgehog to be released back into the wild after being rescued as a baby

Credit: Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

A hedgehog is to be released into the wild after being nurtured since he was a baby.

Pea was taken in by Prickly Prickles rescue in Dorchester when he was the size of a thumb.

He's been fed via a syringe and nurtured around the clock.

Pea needed specialist care, feeding and toileting; all things its mum would have done for her babies.

He's now grown to the size where he can be sent back out into the world.

He's going to be released into a garden, where he will be allowed to roam free.

Credit: Prickly Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

Chris Legg, who runs the rescue, said: " Everyday was a new day with Pea, everyday I devoted my time to him. Even to go out to visit family Pea came with me in the car so I could feed him."

"But he has done amazing, I am so proud to have given him the chance to live, to be free to got back out in the wild to do what hogs do.

"I shall miss him, he has been on such a journey. But my commitment to him was 100% as i give to all the hogs that come to me."