Search on for Berkshire animal charity to find home for 'the dog who can't be touched'

130822-sunny the dog
Credit: National Animal Welfare Trust

An animal rescue charity is searching for a forever home for a dog 'who can't be touched'.

The National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire is looking for an owner for Sunny, a small Jack Russell cross, who has a fear of being touched.

It is suspected that she may have a history of being abused before she was rescued by staff.

Centre Supervisor, Taryn Beaumont, enlisted the help of a local dog trainer who volunteered regularly for the centre. She said: “It was clear to us, from staff interactions, that Sunny was completely terrified of being touched. Although my team had worked up to being able to get a harness on Sunny, she still wasn’t keen to let the team near her.

"After an initial assessment, our wonderful dog trainer concluded that it is likely Sunny has PTSD, and, it is suspected her terror at being touched comes from the worst reason of all; that she may have been beaten in her past."

Sunny came to the trust due to 'behavioural issues, derived from her fear of being touched'. Credit: National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

According to staff, Sunny has managed to progress to allowing them to touch her occasionally, but they have found her greatest joy, is just having the company in her room.Taryn said: “Though she is frightened of being touched, the second anyone walks into the room, she breaks out into the most excited wiggle, which will just make your heart burst of happiness.

"Just having your company is everything to her,” continues Taryn. “She loves when staff go in and sit on the sofa and watch her as she plays with her toys. She’s even jumped onto some of the team members laps, just to show off her fancy rope toy and how she plays with it!

"She has an incredibly long journey ahead of her, but we know there is a perfect home out there for her!"