Was Gatwick's baggage claim pigeon looking to boost its frequent flyer air miles?

A Gatwick Airport worker was being kept on his toes on Sunday after a pigeon managed to make its way into the baggage reclaim area of the airport's North Terminal.

The bird was seen swooping around the reclaim area flying between the third and sixth baggage carousels - with the staff member struggling to catch it.

Passenger Danielle Louise recorded the footage while waiting for her bags.

She said: "It was very comical and made us forget the holiday blues we were feeling having returned home.

“We enjoyed the team work! There was one member of staff trying to catch the pigeon as another tried to distract it.

“Never has waiting for luggage been so exciting." 

At one point the airport worker could be seen climbing onto the baggage carousel armed with a hat to try to catch the pesky pigeon.

In a statement, a Gatwick Airport spokesperson said: “While professional flyers are welcome at Gatwick, we do request they stick to the airfield.

"Despite the multiple breaches as seen in the footage, we opted not to charge landing fees on this occasion.

"We hope it didn’t ruffle too many feathers.”