Homes and businesses in Brighton left with no water after burst water main

Southern Water has apologised to homes and businesses in Brighton that have been left with no water following a burst water main.

Residents in 18 postcode areas have reported experiencing either low pressure, or no water at all following the problem in Kipling Avenue.

Bottled water is due to be delivered to those affected, but Southern Water said it doesn't know when supplies will be restored.

In a statement the utilities firm said: "We’d like to apologise to customers living in the area around Kipling Avenue, Brighton, who may be waking without water, or experiencing low pressure, as a result of a burst water main.

"We’re working hard to get customers back up and running as normal. In the meantime, we are preparing bottled water deliveries and you may notice an increase in tanker movements in the area, as we’re moving water around our network to try and bring as many customers back into supply as possible.

"Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a timeline for how long things will take to get back to normal but we’re working as quickly as we can, as we understand how difficult and inconvenient it is to be without running water.

"We are are aware that a number of customers in this area also suffered water supply issues during Monday, so we would like to apologise for the continued inconvenience.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to restore supplies as soon as we possibly can.

The burst water main has caused localised flooding around Kipling Avenue, Brighton.

Postcodes affected:Kipling Avenue BN2 6UFPitt Gardens BN2 6LRDudwell Road BN2 6REBriarcroft Road BN2 6LLCrescent Drive South BN2 6RABrownleaf Road, BN2 6LBLockwood Close BN2 6UJRidgeway Gardens BN2 6PLThe Brow BN2 6LPWarren Road BN2 6DBThe Ridgeway BN2 6PBRosedene Close BN2 6LEKevin Gardens BN2 6RRBateman Road BN2 6RDLockwood Close BN2 6UJHolton Hill BN2 6RQLockwood Crscent BN2 6UHConnell Drive BN2 6RT