Thousands of drivers caught speeding during M27 smart motorway roadworks

Around 35,000 drivers were caught speeding on the M27 in Hampshire during three years of work to turn part of it into a Smart Motorway.

The figures released by Hampshire Police for between February 2019 and February 2022, show the average speed cameras clocked 34,667 drivers speeding at more than 50mph between junctions 4 for the M3 slip road, and 11 for Fareham.

The 50mph restrictions were lifted in February this year when work on the project was completed.

The figures also show around 13,000 of those undertook a driver awareness course, while 9453 drivers were given a fine or points on their license.

50mph restrictions on the M27 were removed in February following three years of work

Police confirmed a number of cases are still active, and almost five thousand (4983) have been cancelled due to a number of different circumstances including emergency vehicles with exemption, people who completed a course where system didn’t auto update, and foreign drivers.

Meanwhile, a stretch of the M27 eastbound - between Fareham and Portsmouth will be closed overnight until the end of August.

Work to replace a footbridge will see closures from 9pm until 6am between junctions 11 and 12.