Sussex town celebrates 'Queen Bee Day' after being granted bee-friendly town status

Arundel celebrate their bee-friendly town status
Credit: Arundel Town Council

Celebrations have been taking place in Arundel after the town was awarded 'Bee Friendly Town' status.

A hive of bee-themed activities have been taking place to mark 'Queen Bee Day' with events organised by Arundel Town Council.

A presentation was also held by the Bee Friendly Trust to tell residents more about the newly appointed status.

Town Events Manager Tracy Clayton said: “It's a fantastic time to celebrate the achievements of Nick Field, founder of the Arundel Bee Project and Martin Duncan, Head Gardener at Arundel Castle and his team, who created this beautiful wildflower haven in the town for all to enjoy.

“Amid the ‘buzz’ of the Arundel Festival of the Arts, we’re delighted to ‘bee’ able to offer residents and visitors this day of celebration and raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators in our planet’s ecosystem.”