Bournemouth diabetic boxer celebrates win after first fight stopped due to blood sugar levels

  • Report by ITV Meridian's Richard Slee

Lightweight Boxer Jake Clarke from Bournemouth was diagnosed as diabetic at 16, but he went on to box for England as an amateur, winning nearly all his fights.

Now, thanks to a recent change in the rules, he can fight as a professional.

He's just won his first match, after his debut was stopped because his blood sugar levels were too high.

After every round his blood sugar glucose must be measured by an independent doctor.

It's been a challenge getting the insulin levels correct before the fight because adrenaline can be very high.

"In training we were trying out new things to see how we could get the blood sugars to where they need to be", Jake said.

"We made the adjustments and corrected the insulin levels before we went in and the performance itself was a lot more calculated and controlled and the pace was more relaxed which helped me get through the rounds because ultimately that's what we wanted to do - get four rounds under our belt.

"I didn't want to stop my opponent after one or two rounds we needed to gather the information to kick on."

Jake Clarke's blood sugar glucose must be measured by an independent doctor after every round.

Jake's coach, Phil Norman, says his fighter is an inspiration and has the skills and dedication to be a national champion - despite having diabetes.

"I would have put money on him being in the Olympics if diabetes had not got in the way.

"He was heading high - we had to deal with that and work through that.  A lot of people would have just quit or give up.

"A lot of people would just go 'oh I've got diabetes', but he's not one of those guys, he chases it."