Celebrating a century: The Kentish game of Bat and Trap approaches major milestone

ITV News Meridian's Tony Green reports on the Kentish game

Celebrations have begun in the run up to a major milestone in the ancient Kentish pub game of Bat and Trap.

In September the Canterbury and District League of Bat and Trap will mark its centenary - but the game itself goes back hundreds of years.

Canterbury Bat and Trap expert Jakey Janes said a manuscript exists depicting a boy playing the game in the 13th century.

The pandemic had halted play in 2019 but Kent brewery Shepherd Neame is backing Bat and Trap, supplying new traps to pubs where it is played. They also enlisted Kent Cricketers Matt Quinn and George Linde to explain the rules.

The size of the Bat and Trap pitch matches that of a cricket pitch, making it one of several candidates claiming to have inspired the sport.

A family fun day at the Old Beverlie in Canterbury kick-started the celebrations ahead of the centenary in September.

A family fun day at the Old Beverlie in Canterbury started the celebrations Credit: ITV News Meridian

Shepherd Neame's Joanna Richardson said: "Bat and trap is played in pub gardens across our Kentish heartland, and this centenary is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of this fantastic game. We hope that our campaign will encourage individuals, families and friends of all ages to get outside and have fun together trying this unique Kentish sport."