Southampton man breaks Guinness World Record for growing world's longest cucumber

The 113.4cm (44.64 inches) cucumber beats the previous record by over 6cm. Credit: ITV News Meridian

An amateur gardener from Lordshill, Southampton, has broken the Guinness World Record for growing the world's longest cucumber.

Sebastian Suski is originally from Poland and works as a beekeeper but has been growing oversize vegetables for more than seven years.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the 113.4cm (44.64 inches) cucumber beats the previous record by over 6cm.

The world's biggest cucumber weighs 8.4 kilograms. Credit: ITV News Meridian

So how do you even grow the world's longest cucumber?

Sebastian said: "Lots of work, a massive amount of work for the soil's preparation and obviously get the right seeds as well as looking after 'her' every day.

"Before cutting 'her' I had to make a crucial decision because you could lose the fruit."

  • Sebastian Suski told ITV News Meridian what it takes to grow the world's biggest cucumber.

When he was asked why he did it, Sebastian said: "Because I want the record!".

He added: "I destroyed the old record and breaking one is massive amongst growers. I love growing big stuff and it's a lot of fun. Winning makes you really proud."

On the 10 September, the cucumber will be at the Romsey Show but it won't make it onto anyone's dinner plate.