Bus driver shortages in Oxfordshire 'biggest issue' company has seen in decades

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Wesley Smith

Bus driver shortages in Oxfordshire have been described as the "biggest issue" one company has seen in decades.

On just one day, the Oxford Bus Company could have more than 100 services affected by shortages.

The company's head of customer experience Andy Morison said: "I would say it's the biggest, number one business issue we have at the moment and the biggest we've seen in decades.

"Our drivers are doing a lot of overtime and everything they can to keep the services running, even our office managers are going out and doing shifts."

In a bid to recruit more bus drivers, the company is hosting intensive training sessions.

The company is keen to get drivers onto the roster as soon as possible.

Skilled engineers are also needed with the option for people to do apprenticeships.

Driving instructor Alan Hathaway, said: "I remember the old garage down on the Cowley Road before we moved up here.

"Down there, they used to have a sign outside saying 'no vacancies' - very rarely would they have a sign saying 'vacancies'. Now, you can see there's a sign behind us saying, 'do you want a job?'."

The company is holding a recruitment open day on 11 September.