Sinkhole causes major disruption along A34 near Oxford

030922-sinkhole oxford-national highways
A sinkhole formed after the water main burst. Credit: National Highways

The A34 southbound has now reopened having been closed this weekend due to a burst water main which caused a sinkhole.

A burst water main led to a sinkhole on Friday night (2 September), causing the route through Oxford to be closed.

The burst caused flooding across both lanes, with a water-filled hole forming on the footpath next to the carriageway.

A Thames Water Spokesperson said: “We’re really sorry for any impact on customers affected by the disruption to traffic, and/or by the low pressure which impacted a number of homes due to the large burst pipe beside the southbound carriageway of the A34 Oxford Ring Road at South Hinksey.“

They added: “Our engineers are on site and repairs to the pipe are almost complete. All customers should have full supply.

"Teams were attending the site to pump away the water and clear the area so any damage to the road and the main pipe can be better assessed.  

"Work has continued today and later we will await the approvals from National Highways England before the road can reopen.

"We’ll focus on getting things back to normal as soon as we can."