Kent teenager, attacked by bullies, turns to TikTok to tell story of her paralysis after jaw surgery

Chelsea Flynn woke up from an anaesthetic to learn that she couldn't feel or move her legs

A 19-year-old from Kent, who was left paralysed following jaw surgery, has taken to social media to share her story.

Chelsea Flynn has undergone seven operations to realign her jaw after a series of incidents, including being punched in the face by bullies and being attacked as she walked her dog.

After the last operation to have screws removed from her jaw, she had became paralysed with dystonia - a medical condition that can result in muscle spasms and painful contractions.

She was later told by doctors that her brain had a 'neurological breakdown' when rejecting the anaesthesia, leaving her with a severe functional neurological disorder (FND).

Chelsea Flynn has turned to TikTok to tell her story:

In one TikTok video the teenager says: "Everyone starts to panic because I was having a bad reaction. Eventually comes round hours later, in lots of pain and then realising something doesn't feel right. Realising I can't move or feel my legs and telling the doctor."

Chelsea, who now uses a wheelchair, woke up from the anaesthetic to learn that she couldn't feel or move her legs.

Sharing her story has allowed her to speak up against bullies and raise awareness of FND.

Her experiences have now reached millions.

The 19 year old said: "It was crazy because I had only ever posted TikToks for a little bit of fun even before I got sick.

Now I was getting millions of views with so many different people sharing their experiences and sending me love. It was absolutely incredible."

Chelsea said her biggest goal is to be able to walk again and to do things she did before - like taking the dogs for a walk and meeting up with her best friend.She lives in Ramsgate, but is now known around the world after sharing her journey on social media.

Chelsea with her parents

Chelsea's life has completely changed and she's now having to adapt to her disability.

She is currently undergoing neurological rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Chelsea says she is making some improvements and is looking ahead to the future.