Oxfordshire school holds special assembly reflecting on Queen's life

  • School students reflect on the Queen's death

Primary school students in Oxford have been reflecting on the Queen's life following the announcement of her death.

Teachers at Windmill Primary School in Headington held an assembly on Friday morning to help break the news to the students.

They used videos and the news to tell them what has happened whilst reflecting on the Queen and her role as monarch.

Lynn Knapp, headteacher, said: "Thinking back to the Jubilee in June we had a big picnic and the children were given a book which has actually really helped cement some of their understanding about where she started as a monarch back in 1953 and the length of time she's been on the throne.

"So the children are aware of that longevity I think of her reign."

The students also looked at her role in the Commonwealth and society and her responsibilities.

Ms Knapp added: "So not just about looking forward, not just about reflecting on the fact that she died yesterday but thinking back to this amazing impact that she's had on our nation in her time as Queen."

Following the Queen's death, the Prince of Wales has now become King Charles III and will be coronated in due course.

Looking ahead to his Coronation, Ms Knapp said: "I'm sure we're going to have a celebration, there's bound to be when King Charles is crowned and becomes our new King.

"It's momentous. This is a huge period in history and we've got to mark that as a school.

"It's something we want the children to remember for the rest of their lives and that's not just in society, it's in school as well. We'll be planning to do something to mark that very special occasion."

  • Headteacher, Lynn Knapp looks ahead to the Coronation

The students also took their time to pay tribute to the late monarch.

Aya said: "She was very kind, helpful, she served us very well."

Max added: "I think a lot of people will feel very sad for her and miss her a lot because she was a really nice lady who to a lot of us meant something quite important."

At a school in Canterbury students also paid tribute.

One student said: "I have always found her very inspirational as a leader to our country because I think in today's society there are so many leaders out there who aren't selfless in the way the Queen was.

"She devoted herself to public service and to charity and to the great of our country."