'She represented the best of us' - Flowers line Windsor Castle in tribute to the Queen

Tributes to the Queen are left at Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV Meridian

People from across the region gathered at Windsor Castle this morning (Friday 9 September) to pay tribute to the Queen.

Flowers, many with personal messages to the late monarch, were laid at the gates to the castle overnight, with more arriving throughout the morning.

Mourners who had travelled to Windsor told ITV Meridian that they were paying their respects to the Queen and that it 'felt like the right thing to do'.

Out of all her residences, the Queen is considered to have been most fond of Windsor, a feeling echoed by those who live in the royal borough.

Mourners have been leaving tributes outside the gates of Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV Meridian

As crowds gathered in the town, many spoke of their shock and disbelief that the Queen had died.

ITV Meridian spoke to one woman, who had travelled to Windsor to pay her respects, said she was in shock.

"[I feel] grief... I know she was 96 but I am in total disbelief... I wanted her to just carry on. But yeah... grief."

Another mourner, a woman from Jakarta in Indonesia, said the Queen's dedication and loyalty throughout her life deserves recognition.

"I've been seeing her [the Queen] and her dedication, her loyalty and how British people love her so much.

"I feel the need to buy something and give some respect to her."

  • Mourners tell ITV Meridian about how much the Queen meant to them and their families.

Other floral tributes have been left outside the Royal residences dotted across the UK.

In the early hours of Friday morning, people could be seen flocking to Buckingham Palace, continuing to mourn Her Majesty's life and service.

Mourners, many dressed all in black, congregated beside hundreds of colourful bouquets and messages.

A large Union flag in tones of black and grey has been pinned to the right flank of the gates, while police officers kept a crowd back from the main gates further to the left.