'The whole nation's having to be brave'- Kate, the Princess of Wales comforts mourners in Windsor

Princess Kate speaks to well-wishers in Windsor.

The Princess of Wales has spoken of her sadness and love for the Queen as she talked to mourners at Windsor Castle.

Kate spoke openly to some of the thousands who gathered on the Long Walk to lay flowers and pay their respects.

She was there with her husband Prince William, during their first engagement under their new titles, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan joined William and Kate on the Long Walk Credit: PA

The crowd broke out into applause as the couples approached members of the public and spoke to them.

"The whole nation is having to be brave aren't they, " she said, as she comforted a woman who was in tears.

"I have plenty of moments like that too.

"My little Louis, it was just so sweet- he said 'Mummy don't worry, because she's now with Great Grandpa.' It was so moving. But it just shows you, how special she was to everybody- all generations."

Banita Ranow, 28, overheard the exchange, and said Kate was “welling up” as she spoke to the children.

Her mother Baljinder Ranow, 64, said the visit was “fabulous”, adding: “It was so beautiful to see.

“I felt so emotional and I felt the Queen would have loved it.

Prince William, too, thanked the crowds for coming, and promised one woman from Anglesey that he would have to practice his Welsh.

They shared a conversation about his time on the island, where he lived with Kate for four years while working as a helicopter pilot for the air ambulance.

Prince William thanked the crowds for coming and shared memories of his time on Anglesey.

The Duchess of Sussex was meanwhile seen being given a close hug by a teenager in the crowd.

The pair spoke briefly for a few moments and Meghan could be seen assuring her by putting her hand on her shoulder.

Meghan gives a girl a hug as Prince Harry thanks well-wishers

The girl then said “Can I have a hug?” and Meghan was seen nodding, before leaning in and giving her a big hug.

The visit in total lasted for just over 40 minutes, with the crowd chanting “Hip, hip, hooray” as the group left.