Meet the Sussex woman who's flown from New Zealand to pay tribute to the Queen

Watch: Meet one of the Queen's most loyal fans

One of Queen Elizabeth's most loyal fans has been paying tribute to her.

Julia McCarthy-Fox from Worthing, Sussex, spent 40 years following the monarch, taking thousands of photos of her.

Julia now lives in New Zealand but has flown back to the UK to pay her last respects.

She met the monarch several times and has travelled the world to attend Royal engagements for the last 30 years.

She started snapping Her Majesty when she was just 9 years old. Credit: ITV News Meridian

She said: "I'm a bit shell-shocked at the moment, I quite often post a lot of things online about the Queen and I haven't done anything, I haven't posted anything at all.

"My feeling is that you only get one go at that post and I haven't felt that I can string two words together, let alone any more than two words.

"I think it was just the speed that it happened. One day there she was appointing a new Prime Minister and 48 hours later she wasn't. How did that happen?"

Back in 2012, she even put on a special exhibition of her photographs of the late Queen. 

Thousands of flowers continue to be laid outside Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV News Meridian

She said it's nice to see people walking along with flowers and she loves what they are doing with them on the Long Walk.

"I was a bit disappointed with the flowers by the gate before I realised they'd moved them on the Long Walk. I think they look really nice, I like the way they're doing it and I like the respect they are treating people's flowers with.

"I was watching through a long lens on my camera and every flower is being treated as if it was a special flower and that's how the Queen treated flowers whenever you gave them to her."

She said Windsor has got no kind of life to it anymore if the Queen is not there.

  • Watch Julia McCarthy-Fox speaking to ITV News Meridian in Windsor.