Teachers and pupils recall Queen's 'mesmerising' 1978 visit to Sussex school named after her

  • ITV News Meridian's Andy Dickenson spoke to teachers about their memories

Teachers and pupils at a special needs school in Sussex have been reminiscing about the "mesmerising" time Queen Elizabeth II opened the school in 1978.

Some teachers at Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Jubilee School in Horsham, named after Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee year, fondly remember the day she came to visit.

Natalie Colverson, teacher, said: "I was actually up the drive, I was four, so I was up the drive as she came down to open the school, waving my flag."

Emma Risby-Ward, teacher, said: "We have talked about it in school, and they they know who the Queen is.

Pupils say they were "mesmerised" by the Queen during the visit. Credit: Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School

"They know how important she was, but the whole process of her dying is quite abstract, so we talk about how she was important to our school with them, really."

Helen Elphick, headteacher, said: "For me, she was a lady of great faith who lived out those values that I hope every day and all the values at the school. So very sad."

Kaiden Lucas, pupil, said: "I think it was quite mesmerising actually. This school means so much to us.

"The Queen was special to everyone around, all of us in this school, and she always will be. God save the Queen."