Tourists from as far away as Brazil and Canada flock to Windsor Castle to pay tribute to The Queen

International visitors from across the globe have travelled to Windsor to mark the passing of the late monarch.
International visitors from across the globe have travelled to Windsor to mark the passing of the late monarch. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/PA Images

International visitors from as far away as California, Brazil and Canada have descended on Windsor to pay their respects to Her Majesty the Queen.

A sea of touching tributes have been pouring in, with pictures, candles, Union Jack flags, notes and flowers left by a steady stream of people from far flung destinations across the globe.

Some have even decided to cancel their plans and divert journeys to airports to squeeze in a last minute trip to Windsor Castle, leaving handwritten notes expressing their grief and gratitude for the Queen and the Royal Family.

One woman from the USA said: "It’s our last day in the UK and we wanted to see how it is in Windsor.

"We came straight here from Stonehenge to pay our respects.

"It's huge news in America. Even though we’re supposed to go to the airport for our flight home we came here to say a little prayer first."

Mourners have left thousands of flowers in memory of The Queen outside Windsor Castle.

On Monday, Thames Valley Police warned drivers to expect delays and says it is patrolling the local area to ensure anyone visiting Windsor is safe.

Great Western Railway has introduced more carriages on the Windsor branch line with a queuing system in place in some areas.

There will also be additional trains between Paddington and Reading from Wednesday, September 14.

Local businesses in Windsor have said up to 70% of customers in recent days have been from other countries.

Azam Khan Mohammed from souvenir shop Great British Collection says around 70% of customers have been from overseas.

Azad Khan Mohammed, who works in a souvenir shop said: "People are coming from all over the place.

"We’ve had lots of international customers from Canada, America, Australia and across Europe.

"They’re arriving with flowers and they’re buying flags and postcards of the Queen in her memory.

"Around 60% to 70% of customers have been international. There’s been crowds in the shop for the past few days.

"There's lots of respect for the Queen here, she did so much. We've had plenty of locals from across the South East and beyond, including Maidenhead, Bath, Cardiff, and Brighton."

Thousands of flowers laid by mourners outside Windsor Castle will be moved inside the grounds in preparation for the Queen's funeral.

At the end of each day the majority of the tributes left at the Cambridge Gate on the Long Walk are to be moved to make space as people continue to arrive in their thousands.

It comes as preparations are underway for Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral, which will be held at Westminster Abbey on September 19 and has been declared as a Bank Holiday in the UK.