Boy 'excited' by surprise Prince William meeting while queuing for Lying in State

  • Samuel and his father got to meet Prince William during a surprise walkabout

A family from Newbury, who met King Charles and Prince William after spending more than 13 hours in line for the Queen’s lying in state, said the wait has been "worth it".

Samuel had been in the queue with his father throughout the night and was surprised when they got the chance to meet the two royals during a walkabout.

The eight-year-old said: "It's really special to be here and we've come a long way for a walk here. We've been up all night and we've been asleep on the bench."

He said the experience of speaking to King Charles III and Prince William was "happy, exciting and nerve wracking".

"King Charles shook hands with Daddy and Prince William shook hands with me."

Samuel said the The Prince of Wales asked what his name is, where he had travelled from and how old he is.

The little boy also said he doubts people at school next week will believe that he met the two royals.

Samuel's father said: "It was completely unexpected but it makes the 13-hour wait completely worth it, not that it wouldn't have been worth it anyway, but this really tops it off for us."

"The Queen has been a part of our lives for every single one of us and set such a good example of how to serve the country. What we've seen over the last week is just how kind and nice of a person she actually was.

"It was a big opportunity for us to come. It means a lot for us to come and experience this and speak to so many people along the way, it's just fantastic.

"It was a complete shock and a surprise to see them and it surpassed any expectations that we had. Prince William in particular was just so personable and so kind, as you would expect him to be."