Two chimpanzees from Argentina rehomed at Monkey World in Dorset

Sasha & Kangoo were in need of a new home after the Buenos Aires City Government took the decision to close its aging zoo in 2016.
The pair have been rehomed as part of the centre's international rescue programme. Credit: Monkey World

Two chimpanzees from Argentina have been rehomed at Monkey World in Dorset.

Sasha, and her son Kangoo were in need of a new home because the Buenos Aries City Government decided to close its ageing zoo.

The pair have moved from EcoParque in Argentina to start a new life in the UK - as part of Monkey World's international rescue programme.

Staff travelled to Argentina to assist with the 35-hour transfer back to the Dorset sanctuary.

There are now 53 chimpanzees there rescued from around the globe.

Staff even travelled to Argentina to help Sasha & Kangoo on their 35-hour transfer back to Dorset. Credit: Monkey World

Alison Cronin from Monkey World, said: “It has been an epic collaboration between EcoParque and Monkey World to ensure that the long journey for Sasha and Kangoo was made as safe and comfortable as possible.

"The team at EcoParque prepared the chimpanzees well by training them to go into their transport boxes and to feel secure inside. Both chimps travelled well and were released into their new home on August 31st.

"Sasha & Kangoo have started introductions with the smallest group at the park, consisting of five other individuals, headed by dominant male, Bryan who was rescued from a Mexican beach photographer as a youngster.

"As they have never met any other chimpanzees previously, this will be a big learning curve for the newcomers but one that the Primate Care Staff at the park have tackled many times before, and are adept at assessing and handling.”