Travellers urged not to bring prohibited items to Gatwick Airport

Passengers make their way to departures at Gatwick's South Terminal. Credit: PA

Passengers travelling through Gatwick Airport are being urged not to bring prohibited items with them, after authorities saw a rise in the number of items being confiscated.

The reminder, issued by Sussex Police, comes as travellers were caught with multi-tools, knives and even pepper spray.

Possession of restricted items such as these is a criminal offence and could lead to a criminal conviction.

These restrictions apply to travellers flying in and out of the airport and have been in force for a number of years.

Passengers check-in at the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

Chief Inspector Chris Veale said: “We are regularly seeing passengers in possession of items that could constitute an offence in the UK.

“All passengers using Gatwick Airport are reminded of the need to check their bags and cases for any items that may be prohibited.

“This is especially relevant where some bags may not have used for air travel since before the pandemic, or people are using bags used at work, where such items may be required for their occupation.

“UK legislation is very clear that the public should not be in possession of items classified as offensive weapons and bladed articles, in particular any item that has a locking blade of any description, this includes multi-tools and knives used for camping or outdoor activities.

“Travelling passengers from overseas should ensure that any items that may be legal elsewhere in the world, such as pepper or incapacitant sprays, are not brought to the airport for return travel. Possession of these items will constitute an offence and may result in a criminal conviction as well as confiscation and destruction of the item.

“If people are uncertain about what can and cannot be taken through the airport they can contact their airline when booking and checking in or check the airport website.”