Salisbury Hospital asks for support as it declares it's under 'intense pressure'

People who have friends or family who are patients at Salisbury Hospital are being urged to respond quickly to calls about their care, as the hospital declares it is currently under 'intense pressure.'

The hospital took to social media to ask for the public's support as they try to improve the flow of patients through the hospital.

People are being asked to respond to calls about their care at home or another setting to help the situation.

Patients who are due to attend an appointment at the hospital are being told to go as normal unless contacted directly by the hospital.

People are also being urged to only attend A&E for life-threatening illnesses or injuries, so the hospital can prioritise what they described as 'the most urgent or critical patients..

Anyone with a minor illness or injury, is urged to consider the Salisbury WalkIn Centre, NHS 111 or your local pharmacy.