Crawley residents don't hold back on Liz Truss after PM's keynote Conservative conference speech

Watch: People in Crawley don't hold back when asked if they trust Prime Minister Liz Truss

The Prime Minister has delivered her keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

Liz Truss vowed to get Britain “through the tempest” as she seeks to unite the party around her controversial economic plans, which saw a u-turn on plans to abolish the 45p tax rate on top earners.

Addressing Tory MPs and members, she insisted she was working "flat out" to get people through the cost of living crisis and said "let me be clear, we have your back."

While allies expressed support for the new Prime Minister, encouraging other people to back her, in the Conservative constituency of Crawley people told ITV News of their lack of trust in Truss.

Liz Truss delivers her keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference Credit: Jacob King/PA

"It's just more lies to be fair" said one man while another said, "I think if she's going to change her mind every other day, then it's hard to trust somebody like that.

"It just seems like some of the policies that she's come out with recently are benefiting everybody. It's benefiting certain people more than others and making life harder for other people than others."

Crawley has struggled economically since the pandemic with its workforce badly affected by the grounding of flights at Gatwick.

In 2019, 54.2% of the votes and an 8,360 majority Conservative Henry Smith increased his share of the vote having been the area's MP since 2010.

Crawley was badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Tories will be keen to persuade voters again at the next General Election they are the right party to continue leading Britain.

Among the people we spoke to in the town one man did provide his backing, showing more faith in Liz Truss that her predecessor,

"I do trust Trust, I think she's a lot better than Boris Johnson and if we can give her a chance, that's the least she deserves.

"I think the country needs something new and maybe it should be her."

Those unsure of the new Prime Minister said included one woman who said, "I don't think she's the right person I don't think she has the empathy with people".

A feeling also shared by another woman who told ITV News,

"I just don't feel that she actually understands how us general public live and how our day to day lives.

"I don't think she clearly understands that when we say 'we're saving', that doesn't mean that, you know, we're all trying to con everyone out of the system.

"We're just trying to go about our daily lives without feeling we're having to skimp here and everywhere."