90-year-old Canterbury footballer proves age is just a number in the beautiful game

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Bob Temple is an inspiration at the Canterbury Eagles. The 90-year-old is defying expectations by continuing to play football every week.

"Virtually every day of my life I've done something in football from refereeing, playing, training. So I just love football."

Bob now plays a less active form of the sport - walking football - with a mixed team of all ages and abilities.

Jo Treharne, who helps organise the Canterbury Eagles squad tells us: "It's pretty safe for people of a certain age. It's safe for people who are coming back from injury.

"We've got a mixed team here. It would be difficult for women to play running football with men. It is difficult because physically it's difficult. So the walking football is quite a nice leveller really."

A newspaper article details Bob Temple's exploits as a centre-forward at Alton Town

Bob once played football professionally, with a brief spell at Bristol Rovers - before serving in the Korean War.

He later played for Alton Town and a range of other teams, and decades later, he still loves the beautiful game.