Southampton's Craig David opens up about his battle with depression

  • Craig David spoke to ITV Meridian's Natalie Boare

He's one of the UK's biggest music stars and now Craig David has opened up about his battle with depression.

Speaking to Natalie Boare as he performed in his home town, Southampton, the star said he had been asked to write a book for a long time but this felt like the right time.

He told ITV Meridian that he wanted to "demystify" the idea that being a musician "everything is glitzy and perfect."

Craig says over the years he was "shining positivity out into the world but at the same time was suffering and dealing with depression at times."

Now Craig has written a new book called, 'What's your vibe?' that looks at his career and journey dealing with highs and lows.

Craig says, "Depression is real and I can empathise now having experienced it and I think anyone who is able to share that, has to be able to feel that before you can actually talk on it.

"And that's what this book is all about "

Growing up on Southampton's Holyrood estate, it was there his love of music began and his bedroom became a recording studio.

Returning to the city in 2022 Craig is grateful to be still doing what he loves 22 years after it all began with his debut album 'Born to Do It'. And this month he did an exclusive set for Vinilo at the 1865 which delighted the home crowd.

"It's just unbelievable because I can close my eyes and especially when I'm in Southampton and I was walking around... and I could close my eyes and I could be the 14 year-old kid before Born to Do It . "

Craig David performing at The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations Credit: PA

Earlier this year Craig David got to perform at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations which is a moment he will never forget.

"I mean to be outside Buckingham Palace and looking down The Mall and seeing that many people - it was an honour to perform for Her Majesty and everyone there celebrating her service of  70 years. And then having my Mum come and us going into Buckingham Palace it was a very 'pinch me' moment.

We're in Buckingham palace and just as we're having that moment Prince William walks over and it's like 'oh Hi this is my mum'... it was one of the most beautiful moments to me from a son to his Mum , all encapsulated in this crazy memory."

Craig's new album '22' is out now.