Amazing video captures pod of dolphins swimming alongside RNLI near Brighton Marina

  • Footage by the RNLI Brighton

The moment a pod of dolphins swam alongside the RNLI off the Sussex coast has been captured on video.

The rescue crew was travelling in a speedboat towards Brighton Marina on Monday when the dolphins joined them on their journey.

The dolphins could be seen diving in and out of the water - much to the crew's delight.

One of the crew could be heard exclaiming "Woohoo! Look - they're all coming up behind us now," as the dolphins swam either side of the boat.

Posting on Twitter, Brighton RNLI said: "We were lucky enough to be joined by several dolphins during a Sunday training exercise recently.""The pod followed our lifeboat for around 10 minutes and left us near Brighton Marina!"

The sighting by the RNLI isn't that unusual.

The area of water between the West Pier and Brighton Marina receives a high percentage of sightings each year, often quite close to shore.